March 3, 2015

Surviving Your first 90 Days

The first few months into any job are a daunting task. 
Today I will be shedding some light on how to adjust well into the work environment. This will be particularly helpful to fresh graduates; to give them an idea of how to go about the early stages of their careers. In my experience as a fashion stylist, content creator and blogger I have come to know that these following tips on making a great first impression in the work place are timeless, they apply no matter how far up the ladder of employment you may go.

Once you have been hired, it’s time to show the organization that they made the best decision by employing you; prove your value and show your talents.  A good attitude will go a long way because you will need a little cherry on top besides your qualifications and other achievements; that is if you plan on being good at what you do and gaining the most respect.  
I always encourage a strong start; it shows a high level of commitment to the job and proves you are a good fit in their corporate culture.

I remember when I first started out as a stylist; on my first photo shoot I had no makeup artist or hairstylist with me, I had to make the best with the little I knew about makeup and what the model knew...keep in mind that the company could afford to pay someone or a beauty salon  to do hair and make-up. 
I could have easily gone back to work and whined about my first horrid experience but instead I got the job done with what little I had; I delivered what was expected of me and emailed my editor requesting for hair&makeup for any future photo shoots.
Any employer is interested in knowing if you are team player; show your ability of being able to think on your feet and be resourceful. In many cases in the work environment; most individuals are just there to fulfill the role on their job description and no more, they never go above and beyond of what is expected. When problems arise within a team, they are quick to single out the problem maker without being the problem solver or even attempting to think of a solution. This is the worst kind of attitude to bring on a job.

Understanding the corporate culture of your new workplace and feeding off that energy are important to understanding how and in what ways you can add the most value to your new job.
Basically, know where you are and what it is about. Take cues from the environment to better navigate the needs of a job.
Asking the right questions about the office culture in your interview and in the first few days of your job will help you to adapt accordingly over time. You will also need to learn how to collaborate with others on your tasks if need be, remember you are there for the greater good of the business. As much as being a team player will work to your favor, working on your own will teach you how to get a good understanding of your role and responsibilities. 
Before you get into a job, it is imperative to ask yourself if you are someone who prefers a structured work environment or a more creative and relaxed atmosphere.  In all my employment history, I have been lucky not to work in traditionally corporate establishments, but there has always been some degree of structure present.  Then again, my job is not a traditionally corporate role either.

Even though I know the learning curve varies from one person to the next, learning to be a problem solver will come in handy. When you face a challenge (even if it’s within the first few months); relax, think it through and then try to solve it. On my very first job, I learned to avoid bringing a problem to your boss before trying to solve it first! I was working for a television station as a TV host and one of my segments for a pre-taped show had no audio! I ran to the station manager and asked her what we do now and she in turn called the owner and she simply said, “What does she propose we do”?
My show was broadcast live, showing recaps of our best shows over the past few months. 
The viewers loved it.
Therefore, identify the problem and its causes then identify how it can be solved.
Your best ammunition at work will be common sense, yes it has been said that there are no dumb questions and that is true. However, try to be resourceful before seeking help from your manager or supervisor. This will highlight your independence and confidence. As much as you should show that you are a team player, working alone will teach you how to get a good understanding of your role and responsibilities.
And the best way to make a lasting and great impression is to work harder than what is necessary, approach any task with confidence and a smile and be passionate about what you do and success will come.

 As for your work wardrobe; most corporate businesses have their own dress code and if not, take a note from your fellow colleagues.  
If your job includes a lot of walking or you are in a fast paced environment a few pairs of loafers or pretty ballerinas will be a huge investment. Whether or not to wear pants is a personal choice, but make sure everything you own is comfortable and is the right fit and is appropriate for your work environment.

Don’t miss my next article where I will give tips on everyday wardrobe essentials for the young entrepreneur.

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