March 9, 2015

Fashion Scoop: HOT in the fashion industry!

After months of speculation, Carven announced Monday that Martial, a ready-to-wear designer, and Adrien Caillaudaud, an accessories designer, have been appointed artistic directors of its womenswear division.
If you are a fan of Carven (which I am) this is great news; the 29 year old Martial started his career at Givenchy, he worked on the knitwear and haute couture line, he became creative director at Paco Rabanne before heading to Iceberg a year later.

Caillaudaud has a less well known career but from what we hear from Carven he and Martial met at the Atelier Chardon Savard fashion school in Paris and they met again while Martial was at Givenchy; he worked on shoes and accessories. Before working at Givenchy, Caillaudaud was employed at Marc Jacobs.
It's unusual for a fashion label of any size to have two artistic directors at the creative lead — particularly those who did not found the label together as friends and design partners or are even romantically involved. It remains a bit of mystery why two artistic directors were hired as opposed to the usual one. 
It is an interesting combination to say the least and it looks like their talents are complimentary to one another.

Dr Carlos Charles To The Rescue
If you are a woman of color or a darker skin tone, you already know that not all skincare products in the market are working for you or are made for you. It's  general feeling amongst darker skin tone women that there just isn't enough skincare lines out there that cater for us. While many companies have come a long way in the last few years, women with darker skin are still under served, particularly when it comes to finding physicians who understand how different skin types and tones react to common dermatologic procedures and skincare products. AMEN.
In comes Dr Carlos Charles,  a dermatologist who's trained at Weill Cornell Medical College-New York Presbyterian Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and has recently opened up a dermatology practice in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City called Derma di Colore.  He specializes in skin tone dermatology ( an emerging market in the derma industry).
According to the good Dr's website, his practice is "a comprehensive dermatology practice that addresses the treatment of dermatological problems of all skin types with an interest in the treatment of darker skin tones," noting that he also "conducts national clinical research studies with the goal of finding answers to the toughest questions for dermatological issues that commonly affect pigmented skin types.
It is comforting to know that somewhere in this world there is somebody thinking about how the skincare industry can step up efforts to improve product offerings for women of all skin types. 
SOURCE: Fashionista

KENZO up's the game

Everybody who follows fashion insiders will know that many fashion folks were blown away by the dynamic show Kenzo put on for there Fall collection. Judging from the pics of the collections, it was worth the buzz...videos included.
Picture this:  A huge moving set,giant squared-off pillars glided down the Paris Event Center’s massive concrete stage, models popping out from behind each one to form a line. In the back, the English band Saint Etienne -who created the original runway score -played live. 
The clothes were beautifully cut rain ponchos in forest green florals and elegant burgundy, oversize black moto jackets lined with green shearling, bright yellow stripes slashing across everything from long skirts to suiting blazers.  

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