March 24, 2015

FASH FOOD: Izumi By Sumi

I suggested this restaurant for a girls catch up, it's the newly reopened Izumi by Sumi (previously Sumi Sushi). 
It is located in the 101 area, in the same building as Brown Sugar bar,it is directly behind Brown Sugar.
I suppose in this part of the world, when a place like Izumi opens or re-opens there really isn't anything extraordinary about it; serving cuisine that is available in more than a handful of restaurants, but I guarantee you that a dining experience at the new location will be worth every cent spent (the minimum charge is 400NTD).

It's a Japanese fusion restaurant. What I like to call "western sushi", which consists mainly of custom sushi rolls, which are easy on the palate for most people who love the idea of sushi but not the real deal. With that said, there is plenty authentic Japanese food on the menu as well as Thai food.

Salmon with avocado roll

Volcano Roll

Avocado roll

Sushi Platter
From the moment you walk in, everything about the restaurant screams fusion; from the soft pop music playing in the background, the excellently executed minimalist decor with hints of easily recognizable outdoor Japanese decor to the food. The inside settings are very modern as well, you can instantly tell that the restaurant transforms itself into a snazzy lounge and bar after the sunsets.
The food was great and the service was fast which was exceptional during the busy lunch hour.  However the salmon sushi roll could do without the cheese even though its a witty touch. The volcano roll and avocado roll are a simple must try- the explosion of taste in my mouth was a welcome change.
The Thai ground pork was full of flavor,with a great balance between spicy and salty. I also recommend you try the peach flavored Sake!

Expats in Taipei will love this place.

Izumi by Sumi,  松仁路101號1樓 Taipei, Taiwan
PHONE: 02 8780 5265

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