March 5, 2015

BEAUTY SNAPSHOT: Willow Smith Talks Natural Hair

Willow Smith is looking fierce in her latest magazine escapade, the new Spring issue of CR fashion book , and she did all that in her natural hair whilst talking about her goals for the year ahead.
Willow is known just not only as the youngest of the famous and super rich Smith Clan, but if you remember, she brought whipping hair back and forth back into trend then went and shaved it all off in 2012.
It is safe to say that is she has probably had more hairstyle changes than any other regular 14 year old; she has changed up her hair color from pink, neon-green to yellow in the same year. Since then she has been spotting different types of hairstyles and this year, she says she wants to keep it all natural and grow dreads.

Peep the pics below:

Looks like Willow is a rising style Icon!

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