March 13, 2015

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition

 Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition got off to an electrifying start at New York's popular Metropolitan Museum of Art. A preview for the museum's new exhibit, understandably so, this a very emotional exhibition for most people. This time around the museum was able to expand on its 2011 exhibition with 66 additional pieces.
The exhibit is divided up into four rooms, each covering an epoch of McQueen's career, and giving patrons glimpses into his tortured, brilliant mind.  All charted by the direction McQueen's mental health was taking along the way.
In the "Cabinet of Curiosities," a double-height display of McQueen's most subversive pieces, arranged as if in an apothecary cupboard. Twenty-seven screens simultaneously play his unforgettable catwalk shows and a haunting, eerie soundtrack adds to the overall vibe. as if that would not be chilling enough; one room is encased in an odd triangle, is a near life-size Kate Moss hologram: a technical vision of a woman in ethereal white layers coming alive from a single speck, a mere dot.
The exhibit broke attendance records at the Met!


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