February 15, 2015

Ralph Lauren Fall Presentation- Menswear (Polo men and Polo Purple label)

Ok boys, lets take a look at what you will most likely want to put on your backs from Ralph Lauren this for Fall 2015.
Polo for men is both modern and timeless. Even though it evolves each year, it always stays true to its DNA. Let's just say the Polo guy is classic, versatile yet unique, cook and inspired.
This presentation lived up to the versatility that the Polo man embodies;ready for anytime and anyplace.

Polo For Men:

Purple label
Purple label is so bad that even Beyonce mentioned it in her "upgrade you" song featuring her forever dapper hubby!
It’s inspired by a certain Savile Row classicism, but with an element of ruggedness, that speaks to the modern gentleman. Its elegant, classy yet so relaxed. It is a true statement of masculine elegance for men.


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