February 13, 2015

Last minute Valentine's Day Plans: Pull it off like a Boss

The most celebrated day of love is right around the corner and with just a few days left until Valentine’s Day, I have put together a one stop list for your last minute Valentine’s Day needs. From stylish outfit inspirations to gifts for him and the ultimate guide of the to having one of the hottest Valentine’s day your beau.
The best part of this post is everything is already in your closet save for a few things, so if you are a babe on a budget; fear not.

1)  Your Other Little Dress
It is about time you ditched the little black dress aka LBD and opt for your other little dress aka YOLD.  The reality is your man has seen you in a racy black number more than once, he likes it yet this Valentine’s day give him a little fire from a different direction.

The length of the dress is completely up to your fancy but if you want to keep it classy yet sexy and beautiful. No need to sweat about getting a new one, if you are doing a last minute surprise, look in your closet!

2) Sole To Sole
Your shoes should always be high, I like to say” the higher the better the sex”.
If high heels are not what you like try at least 3.5 inches, keep in mind your aim is for an ultra sexy look, something different than what you normally have to offer your beau. Do not wear white shoes, go for a bold color like black or red or even a sweet or blush pink. 

3)   Lingerie
Whatever shoe color you chose, match it to the color of your lingerie. The feeling of ‘sexy” begins with you, followed by your lingerie.
This is the golden rule of seduction, forget matching your shoes to your bag this Valentine’s Day and focus on the final act and the long lasting impression it will have on him.
Put on your lingerie then put on your shoes, take a look in the mirror and you will see how sexy that is.

 4)   Your crown
For centuries we have heard that hair is a woman’s crowning glory; they were right. Nobody needs to be reminded that well kept hair is sign of great hygiene.
The easiest and most common hairstyle for anything is a ponytail. You can’t go wrong with sleek straight hair, either in a pony on left to fall as a sweep. Even a short bob that is well kept will suffice, if your hair is curly you can always go for a wet look
The style and neckline of your dress will determine your hairstyle. 

5)    Accessories
I recommend you go for something subtle because you want to stand out as opposed to your bling. Do not worry; subtle statements can be made by wearing classic pieces of jewelry even if it is just a pair of diamond or pearl earrings, a statement ring.

6) Clutch
Do not look like a girl who just ran out of the office and straight into your date with a big tote..no. Opt for a clutch with enough space to carry a woman’s essentials like wet wipes, panty liner/sanitary pad lipstick/gloss, a small pack of Kleenex, your perfume, money/credit card, phone etc. With today’s trends and funky new shapes, you should be able to find a functional yet stylish clutch.

7) MakeUp
Keep your look as natural as possible for today. Try to not layer your face like it is naked cake, yet follow all the classic rules for an effortless look. I always use minimum foundation and I concentrate on my eyes and lips.
I use earth tones and gold’s or brown for my smokey eyes and a red matte lipstick or any color lip gloss but I apply it lightly.
Another tip for lipstick is to use a lip liner before applying the lipstick; for my red lipstick, I use red lip liner to outline the shape of my lips. This is to ensure that there is a smooth color transition between your skin tone and the lipstick color.
Sans make up with just eyeliner and lip glass always win.

8) Your Scent
Smell good. Smell good. Smell good. Is there a particular perfume of yours that he tends to go crazy around? Then that is the one to wear today, his favorite perfume of yours is your best friend tonight. However some men never take note of such special details, so all you may have to go on is your sense of smell.
Avoid heavy, musk based perfumes for this day instead choose with light and flirty yet not to floral (sometimes floral scents can be greatly overwhelming).

9) His Gift
You have several options in this department; of course all is dictated by your man’s likes, stylish habits or hobbies and most importantly; your budget. For example, if your man is a creative buff; he will surely appreciate something along those lines. If design is his thing, then again…try to go for something special. If he is a watch collector, add something irreplaceable to his collection.

10) Pay the bill
Since you have already invested so much time and finance into your look for the day, why not top it off by actually trading places with him for tonight, yes, take him out and wine and dine the man and pick up the tab at the end of the night. You will forever be unforgettable.

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