February 16, 2015

Glam Read Review: Crazy Rich Asians By Kevin Kwan

Well glammys, this is our very first book review!
I'm obviously  thrilled to be sharing one of my favorite past times with you all. It has led to much sleep deprivation in the past and sadly I do not get the chance to read to as often as I would like to.

Title: Crazy Rich Asians
Author: Kevin kwan

Set on the beautiful island of Singapore, Chinese born New Yorker, Rachel Chu is the unsuspecting girlfriend who is invited to visit Singapore for the summer to meet her boyfriend's ,Nicholas Young, family. Little does she know that Nicholas is the Island's most eligible bachelor nor that he is rich beyond one's imagination.
Rachel is thrown into a world of private jets,expensive everything and next season's (fashion) dresses including being the rival of every rich girl on the island,since all they want is to be Mrs Nicholas Young.
It is filled with all the  juicy and tear jerking emotions of a whirlwind love story.
It is humorous, heartwarming and an eye opener to most people who are not aware how closely guarded money is in crazy rich families. An activity kept alive in most societies, it is the perfect jaw dropping read into a rarely seen Asian characteristic.
Think Anastasia Steele meets Christian Grey with eccentric family obsessed with family lineage and marrying solely for status and network.

The book is nothing short of unbelievable, I kid you not. The characters behaviours are nothing short of shocking and outrageous. The entire time I was reading this book,I kept thinking what a great movie this would be.

I bought the book from Eslite Bookstore in Taipei but it's also available on amazon.

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