February 4, 2015

Four Hairstyles For Short/Medium Natural Hair

We know you all loved our first post on natural haircare D.I.Y but as you continue to grow and nurture your hair, you also need to know how to style it.
This will go a long way in term of your confidence throughout your entire natural hair experience.
Natural hair growth becomes exceptionally difficult when it grows between short to medium length, this is the stage where by most women end up using a relaxer (perm) or putting in micro braids (which damages the scalp and hair line if done very often). One can only imagine how frustrating this stage must be for everyone; when hair is grown slow and you don't know what to do with it.

Below are four hairstyles that will certainly make life easier (and less expensive). Some of you may have tried them already but it will not hurt to rock them out again.

As always, if this tutorial has missed any of your favorite hairstyles or you have one you love to share with us, please fee free to drop us a comment.

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