February 19, 2015

Adidas X Stella McCartney Photoshoot

Even after the long time I have worked as a fashion stylist, every photoshoot still gives me sleepless nights...literally. You spend all night going over,in your head, the looks that have chosen, how you can make them better, wondering if you have made the best decisions, if will the model look good in it and then you have to conduct the pull outs, pick ups and coordinating with the make up artist and photographer. TEAMWORK.
It's even more scarier when you are styling a celebrated individual, who already has an image or has great influence in their society.

So after a long night of picking,pairing and repeating, I was satisfied with the choices made for  the Adidas x Stella McCartney photoshoot with Vogue beauty blogger and GQ Girl, Yui Chou, for her upcoming fitness/sporty series on both magazines in Taiwan. I chose jewellery from Catherine Hsu Fashion group to add a sports chic touch tot he shoot
My brand of statement tee shirts ( @thechictee )was also included in the shoot!

The location was an old bottle cap factory whose walls are now riddled with the funky graffiti art.

Model wearing @thechictee statement tshirt

Like I always say, there is really nothing glamorous about what I do for a living, it is just that the public always sees the glamorous finish not the dirty, tiresome work that comes with it.
Perhaps next time I can share behind the scenes pics with you guys.

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