January 25, 2015

The Fashion Scoop

Hey Glammy's, here is a snippet of the best tea spilling over from last week,

So while we were all giving TARGET a hard time over it's seemingly poor treatment of it's plus-size customer base, little did we know that Target was already working on its first dedicated plus-size line, Ava & Viv. 
Just to bring some of y'all up to speed-- Target's plus-size offerings are widely known to be random, limited to extended sizes of regular-size merchandise carried in other departments. 
They picked three plus-size bloggers ; Nicolette Mason, Gabi Gregg and Chastity Garner , to consult on the line and to model the first lookbook. Garner was an especially interesting choice, considering that she spearheaded the call to boycott Target for failing to offer plus-size options. The retailer contacted her about Ava & Viv not long after. Advantage Target!

Rihanna beats topshop again in court appeal
I think Rihanna should change her name to Rihanna "whoop your a$$" Fenty...like seriously, that rih rih money just wants to keep piling up!
let's bring you up to speed-- Rihanna won a lawsuit against Topshop in 2013 dealing with the use of her image on sleeveless tees, Topshop appealed this decision in November. The results of that appeal has been favourable to Rihanna as three judges have sided with her.

Gucci Confirms Alessandro Michele as Creative Director

Gucci president and chief executive officer Marco Bizzarri announced that Alessandro Michele is the brand's creative director. The firm noted at the time that Michele will have “total creative responsibility for all of Gucci’s collections and its brand image.”
Michele joined the Gucci design studio in 2002 following a stint as senior accessories designer at Fendi. He was appointed “associate” to Frida Giannini in 2011, and last year took on the additional responsibility of creative director of GRG Richard Ginori, the porcelain brand acquired by Gucci in 2013.

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