January 25, 2015

Target Sets The Tone For Plus Size Fashion!

I love what Target has done to address the issues with their plus size customer base, not just that, the clothes are truly fashionable yet appropriate.
Shoot me, but most retailers who carry plus size carry ill fitting pieces that do not to flatter the shape of a plus size woman. I am thrilled that Target has given it a shot, you can tell that the retailer wanted to remain safe yet still be an everyday go to and it worked...catering to the immediate everyday  style needs of a plus size woman. And the added bonus is the price is just right!
I guess consulting three plus size models really put into perspective what they should be doing.

Check out the lookbook;

Ava & Viv begins arriving in Target stores in mid-February and hits Target.com Feb. 22.

What is your take?

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