January 15, 2015

Glam&Chic Product Of The Week: THE CHECKERED BAG

Checkered bags a chic addition to your wardrobe no doubt, whether the check print is in black and white or other colors, it does not matter if it is a tote or a clutch or even an overnight duffle bag...there are just so many ways we can make our check look chic.
I tried it with a simple black and white checkered bag from New Look.

Here are few other checkered bag options along with style inspirations on how you may style your bag;

Only for the young at heart and those who do not mind breaking a few rules while making stylish heads turn.
This look can even be work with a cute backpack.

A mature yet elegant option.

Very chic,street style inspired checkered bag.

Living on the edge of the style cliff,mixing a bit of feminine and masculine with the duffle bag.

Very simple yet classy,this look would work perfectly at work!
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