January 21, 2015

D.I.Y Home Remedy Facial For Glowing Skin

Hey Glammys!
It's beauty Wednesday and that can only mean one thing..we take a break from fashion talk and concentrate on on our skin ailments. With the crazy lifestyle we all tend to get caught up in lately,most people are neglecting their skin.
Today's home remedy is all about getting your skin's glow back; a cool and within budget, at home facial tutorial. The benefits are skin healthy and glowing which also means younger *wink wink* , it also helps to reduce acne and reduces acne scarring.

For this tutorial you will need;
-A face steamer (if you do not have one, a sauce pot with hot water)
-Plain Yoghurt


If you try this and it works,or know of any other ways to get that glow back, please let us know in the comment section!We love reading about your ideas.

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