January 20, 2015

5 Tips for Submitting Job Applications to a Magazine Or Website

After my last post about The difference between a fashion stylist and an image consultant, I got some mail from a young lady who is looking for work at a fashion magazine and she asked, "what tips can you give to me on how to proceed with the application".

The following tips I will give are solely from my experience as a job seeker and later as someone my magazine would ask me to look over applications for interns or others coming on board to join our styling team.

#1.Make sure you spell the name of the publication and the Editor’s name correctly.

This is very important, as a rookie job seeker,I have made this mistake. I remember sending an email addresses as Vivian to a Mario..needless to say I never got a response,lol. I have read applications with people spelling Miss.Dlamini as Dalmini and spelling the name of the company wrong- they too never got a response.
Pay attention to detail and go over your application to make sure you have spelled people's names correctly..it counts. Anything that is ill-addressed or wrongly spelt is automatically ignored.

#2.Follow the instructions
If you can do as asked in a job application,then that means you are competent to follow instructions. Some applications ask for certain requirements, make sure you provide them. I always say that within an application,especially if it asks you to pitch an idea,try to add some visual elements as would be done in the magazine or their website,this will give you more points because it will show that not only are you willing to go above and beyond the minimum,it shows that you are paying attention to detail.
Use good quality images and give them credit.

#3.Your CV must be clear, neat and legible 
I can't stress this enough, in most cases people never update their CV's, so you find outdated or irrelevant information. If you are applying for an editorial internship, you really want to show what other experience you may have in writing, you other work experience is great but if you haven't tried to write before..then why would you even be considered. I would say add a link to a blog that you write on or a few personal pieces you have done before. 
When applying for an editorial internship, your writing should be on point. A misplaced comma here or there is fine, but misspelled words and misplaced verbs will not do you any justice. 

Make sure you click Spellcheck when you are done, or get someone you trust is a great wordsmith to proofread your letter before you press send. Also, an attractive CV also counts,show that you are creative without going lady gaga on it.This is a no brainer for any CV. 

#4.Do not include a picture of yourself.
Honestly, unless they ask for your picture then do not send one with your application.
And if they do, please send in a respectable picture and certainly not a selfie, nobody cares to see how well you are dressed in a picture,plus you will get a chance to show off your style during the interview. 
Believe me or not, when writing fashion, your intelligence matters more than your looks.

#5.Make sure you study the publication
This is probably one of the most important tip. Know where you are going or getting into,it will come in extremely handy. You want to avoid a scenario where by you pitch an idea to your editor that has already been done or you are later asked about a section in the magazine or website and you have no clue.
The best way to avoid this is to do your research. If you have an idea, make sure you go through the magazine and its website before you suggest it.  When pitching your idea, try to be as specific as possible..visualize this in your mind. I would also say never pitch an idea until you are hired, I have been in one situation where by the editor seemingly asked innocently and being wet behind the ears, I gave him a a great pitch,very specific and sold the idea...short story is I didn't get the job and months later became friends with the guy they hired and found out he was given my idea as his monthly spread. You can just imagine my face when he was sharing with me the great article he gets to write at work every month.

These are just some of the few things that came to mind when reading the email I received.
If there is anything you think I have left out please let me know in the comment section.



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