December 4, 2014

Lady Gaga Stuns in Four Outfits...In One Day

Lady gaga was spotted around New York city in not one, but four different outfits for various appearances,from red,white,blue to brown all in a day's work.
let's break it down...
For the first outfit which she wore to Good Morning America, she wore a Phantom Of The Opera inspired all-red ensemble which featured of a plunging leather jumpsuit which cinched in at her waist.
She accessorised it with a wide-brimmed hat and a mask which covered half of her face, as well as some frosty white eyeshadow.
She left GMA studios wearing a more low-key outfit of a blue suede dressing gown style coat over a sparkling top. She paired the look with a grey panama style hat and red pumps.
Her third outfit for the day was a more lady like look,bordering on traditional.
She in a white off-the-shoulder pencil dress, black sandals and circular sunglasses.
She rounded off her style day with a beige low-cut blouse with a matching frilly skirt.
I think this was a perfect example of how versatile she can be with her looks, the girl has the ability to go from alien to human in a second. My favorite of the looks is the blue dressing gown style,grey hat and red heels.

What do you think?

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