December 10, 2014

How to Apply Mascara

After last week's much successful beauty post, we decided to follow up on another needed tutorial across the board.
Yea, you may be thinking who need to learn how to apply mascara but girl,let's break this down for you; a majority of those who use mascara are either not applying it right or not taking the necessary hygiene steps while doing it,including beauty bloggers/vloggers and make-up artists.

So we bring you a short,easy and beautiful tutorial that will help a lot of those just getting into using mascara,those who would love to start and for those who are advanced users (never too perfect to learn), we also do know there may be several other ways that others apply mascara but this is the most basic,straight forward routine.

For this tutorial you will need:
An Eyelash curler
Dry Make up brush

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