November 8, 2014


Popular and motor mouth Wendy Williams KILLED It when she sizzled in not one but three metallic dresses at the Soul Train Awards!
Wendy is largely known for speaking her mind on her TV show The Wendy Williams Show..and we all know that creates more stone throwers than people that like you,LOL.

Anyway, that was all forgotten as she dazzled in these next now "most wanted" dresses.

What is there not to love?
If length is your style cuppa,this is perfect.
I usually don't favor dresses that show leg and breasts together,but this is flawless,her height played out this dress well.
Dress #2, is my sizzling fav of the 3 dresses.
This metallic fringe dress is fun,it has a retro feel and it shows the right amounts everywhere,its balanced- plus she looks super fab in it!
I can definitely recommend this for a glam night out.
Dress #3-This is my least fav,but that does not mean this maxi glittery ombre design is not a sizzle.
I love how she accessorized it,simple yet striking just like the dress.
It is definitely the more conservative of the three looks.
Which is your favorite?

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