November 18, 2014

SAVE THE DATE: Jozi Natural Hair Brunch

Most women of color have had the "hair debate" for a long time,or at least once in their life they have considered going natural. With movies such as Good Hair, the entire world was given a glimpse of the colored woman and her long battle with so called good hair.

Azania Unlimited is an African platform that seeks to make it easier for African women to wear their their hair natural.  It also promotes hair products that are most suitable for natural hair maintenance made by African entrepreneurs.

Saturday 22nd November 2014 is the first of many meet-ups where women come together to learn and share experiences on caring for their natural hair or that of their children.  Black hair in general requires extra care because it is naturally dry and yet knowledge about how to care for it is not widespread and so many of us have grown up mismanaging our hair without knowing it.

Growing, maintaining and styling natural hair is seen as difficult, yet it is quite easy and very versatile. Natural hair really allows women to express themselves, accessorize, and stand out.

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