October 6, 2014

Tara Sillery ON Samira's Show

The PR and Fashion Empress of the Middle East,Tara Sillery,who is also the Global Ambassador for Rola's Beauty Lounge and the brains behind Style Me fashion hub seems to be staying true to her passion wherever she goes in the world.
If you follow her on social media, you will be well aware that she is no one hit wonder but a Fashion ambassador in the true sense of the term and as if to prove to her staying power she was recently seen across Los Angeles television screens during her interview on Samira's Show.
I caught up with the inspiration Miss Sillery to find out more about her current business ventures in Los Angeles and New York.

GCK: How did you get to be on the Show and where was it aired? 
TS:Over a year ago I was introduced to the producer of the show by a mutual friend as in LA they were looking for a Fashion Expert in the Middle East but they wanted somebody Western.  Basically, I am a link between the East and the West !  I live in the Middle East but travel a lot to the States and I guess you could say I fitted the requirements !  The show was live on air in LA, West Hollywood - saying that seems like a dream come true and I still pinch myself that I was on live TV in LA!!

GCK: Was this a once off or should we be keeping our eyes out for more Tara in the West? 
TS:Nothing for Tara is a once off as you should know by now !!  I pride myself on being more than a one hit wonder !!  I believe everything happens for a reason and always I am blessed to be in the right place at the right time !  So, in a nutshell yes, you should keep your eyes open - as in VERY wide open !!!  LA screens will be seeing a lot more of Tara Sillery (but that's all I can say until later in the year!).

GCK: I saw a magazine cover of you recently, where is that magazine available and what should your fans expect from your interview? (it's difficult keeping up with you). 
TS: That was one of the most funnest shoots ever !  Three different designers dressed me and came up with different looks for my press pack for international use.  The magazine is an amazing Middle Eastern Publication called Elegante which is distributed throughout the Middle East.  My interview is an open and candid interview about me and my path and plans.  As you know (because you personally know me), I am very determined, outspoken and pride myself on being honest.  It's also an insight into what I have been doing with the Syrian refugees in Lebanon as I want the world to know about these children who have nothing, yet fill my heart and life with love and joy.

GCK: Finally, will your Middle eastern fans get to see the Samira Show interview on their TV screens? 
TS: YES !!!  Since the show was live many other networks asked to air it !!!  The Samira Show is actually an Iranian network in LA, owned and run my Iranians !  The amount of people that recognised me after the show was crazy !!  Samira's show has millions of followers !!  It has been aired in Iran and soon in Dubai and it is now available to watch on youtube.  Fear not, there will be many more chances to catch me live but you will have to follow me and stay tuned as LA will see a lot more of my face !!!

For the benefit of those who have not seen the much talked about show, you can view it below!

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