October 14, 2014

Sophia Webster Clears The Air in Replica Comedy!

Few days ago,I had an interesting (popcorn worthy to be honest) interaction with a certain fashion dealer on facebook. She is selling non-authentic quality brands but that is not the issue at hand. 
If replicas are what you can afford and what you like to wear,there is absolutely nothing wrong with that,as long as you look good in your clothes.
The interesting point was that she was selling a supposedly Sophia Webster "bow pump" and when asked if she was sure about it,it turned into something worthy of a good laugh. I suggested to her that it looked more like a bad copy of Aminah Abduljillil
After defending her product and showing proof of purchase from Aliexpress (notorious for selling designer replicas),she proceeded to delete our conversation (more like all my comments) from her post after she stood by her opinion that those were Sophia Webster shoes and that I had no idea what I was talking about,then she blocked me from her page (fair enough,its her page after all although from a professional standpoint,no matter what you sell, I don't believe that was a good way to deal with a concerned individual). I vented out my frustration and disappointed of her behaviour on a facebook post and she took that as a personal attack.

She further went on to name and "shame" me on her page,making fun of how I dress and telling her followers that I was a liar claiming to be this and that,she went as far as posting up my picture along slide hers and had a good jolly time comparing herself to me hashtagging as I continue to play the game- I'm flattered by that though,Thanks!

Anyway,to cut a long story short,I got in contact with Sophia Webster via http://www.sophiawebster.co.uk/  to verify the info she had given to her followers whilst saying I'm lying (Which i didn't take badly because the last thing you want to be called is a liar and not even have the opportunity to clearly have you say..sounds like monkey court). And below is the response I got from online customer service at Sophia Webster about the brand NOT HAVING A BOW PUMP SHOE EVER;
This was the first response from Sophia webster executive about my inquiry,they requested that I should send the image of the talked about shoe.

This was the email Sophia webster sent after I sent them the image of the disputed "sophia webster" from the facebook fashion dealer.
Unfortunately,I can not share this info with her as she has blocked myself or anybody who has dared to challenge that the shoe she is selling is not Sophia Webster but a knock off from Aminah Bow pump,she is selling that at R2000.
Below are pictures of an authentic Aminah Abduljillil bow pump,purchased from the designer's website and I will be glad to let you know that they cost $215 which is roughly R2371.27 .

POINT: I hope that the hundreds of women out there will pay more attention to what they are buying with their hard earned cash. I also appeal to brand replica sellers to double check their info with their suppliers, so as to be able to give your clients the right description of the product.
I can not imagine a more embarrassing situation whereby you purchase your goods proudly and its not what you paid for.

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