October 19, 2014

Glam Chic Shoe Crush: Aminah Abduljillil Bow Pump

I am a little late in sharing my fashion and style joy over the much talked about hot brand Aminah Abduljillil, I came across her shoes from a fellow fashion blogger in Kuwait a months ago but when I saw the blue bow pump; I fell completely in love and ordered one for myself; after making some savings hehehe.

To be honest I was a little bit confused at first when I went on to her website but i soon figured things out and found my shoe poison.
The shoe cost $215.00 , NTS8000, R2317 before shipping costs which came up around $55. 
I had to wait around 3 weeks for my delivery,which is stated on her website that when shoes are sold out,as soon as you put your order in,its sent straight to the factory..so you are literally getting a brand new pair of shoes!

They definitely fit the description given on the website,I love the little button clamp on the side as it is made to accommodate the average ankle and the not so average ankle size.

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