September 3, 2014

GQ Men Of The Year Award: The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

So we all have heard that KKW walked away with a grand price from GQ men of the year awards held in London Tuesday night.
Here a few celebs I thought looked good,bad or ugly from the same event.

Put your fashion belts on glammy's, there's about to be a lot of hurt!

This does say, "Mother and daughter duo", doesn't it?
I'm dying to see her in something a little bit more sultry!

It's a nice dress just not on her, on this day,for this ceremony perhaps.
The color is gorgeous.
so we all know what a hot mummy she would make wrapped up in all that!
It's a gorgeous dress,on a beautiful woman.
I can't look..what is this???
No comment
I have always believed one can do no wrong in a Zuhair Murad dress, how wrong I was.
Somebody had a visit to the local plastic bottle recycle center.
Brother and sister?
How cute..I bet she looks hotter in a dress!

She needs to take this back to the designer and ask for the rest of the fabric or her money back!
It's a fantastic idea..just not for the red carpet.
Not the best she's been in.
It was going OK until i noticed her shoes.
Urgh Pippa.
Next time, stay at home!
I think I like her dress but her boobs are a great distraction..and him..he should've decide on a bow tie, a standard tie or nothing at all.
Ahhh, can David do anything wrong in or out of clothes?
Yea..about this..preferred it with the coat on.
Another bad example of less is more.
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