September 21, 2014

BHS A/W 2014 Reveal

I am in love with idea that BHS caters to the curvier crowd of the fashion population because you hardly find fashionable clothes that ladies on the curvy scale deem fashionable enough for them to wear out with pride,especially when it comes to formal wear.
Part of the BHS Team in Kuwait
Red,Grey,Ivory and black are the main colors to expect for the A/W 2014 formal story at BHS but besides that check out these looks which totally blew my mind (I guess if styled or worn with the right accompanying clothes BHS does have the chic in it's latest collection).

There are definitely a few pieces from the images above I would recommend.
Like the Red 3/4 sleeve dress with black detail pockets, The office wear look (even though the skirt looks boxy on the model),the menswear looks are all great; casual yet presentable looks. adorable Children's pieces in particular the lil dude in the wine looking pants.

Pleased keep in mind that they do not cater for sizes under 10UK size.

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