August 10, 2014

Opinion Piece: The Power Of Beautiful

We are all being judged at face value.
We live in an age where beauty is held in its highest regard;with our faces being seen and judged everywhere around the globe, no wonder pretty has become the most important thing to be it seems (thanks to the selfie).
Perhaps it is right to wonder just how powerful and dangerous beautiful has truly become.
One can argue that beauty has always been a factor in how one is received anywhere,but today's beauty standards far out weight the simpletons of yesteryear. Beautiful is one of the strongest factors driving many of the most successful industries on the planet today, even Yahoo! executives spend a chunk of their salaries "beautifying" their appearances- making sure they look better than many of their female or male counterparts. For where brains can not take you,beauty will get you through the door...if this was not true then beauty cosmetic surgery would be not be booming.
The fashion industry has also played a lead role in shaping the standards and definition of what is accepted as "beauty "- the fashion and entertainment industry set the pace and others follow suit. Shaping a mentality is far more powerful than trying to prove it wrong or change it,it certainly is easier.
Yes,we can also say that people are defining beauty for themselves everyday and I have profound respect for women who have chosen not to let beautiful define who they are, just as much as I respect those who have made the choice that beautiful is their armour.

For example, two beauty retailers in the Middle East(A&B), both selling "exclusive" and expensive fragrances,both located in an upmarket shopping center had the same goal;to get people through and make sales.
Retailer A hired a well experienced sales team, mostly of Arabic or Asian descent,dressed them in the standard black uniform,trained on the various brands that they sold and was definitely not particular in the looks department.
Retailer B hired drop dead gorgeous looking brazilian and eastern European men,dressed them in all white,they spoke little to no Arabic, had little to no sales experience.
Beauty retailer B,understood the power of "beautiful" and human physcology associated with it and their sales proved their socio-economic experiment.
We DO react better to beautiful,better dressed individuals and this is not something to feel guilty about. Look at your television screen,your favorite television series, pick up a magazine,look at billboards;this fact is staring at us in the face daily! I have seen models who are the same size,wearing the same items and pretty always wins,because pretty is sellable to the masses.
Oh, don't get me wrong, a stellar personality and a super brain will get you there too,in due time.

And because of this I strongly believe WE are building a society centered around narcissism.
When men and women alike know and understand the power their beauty possesses it becomes a tool for destruction. At 7 years old,my grandmother used to scold our house guests and other family relatives teach time they praised my beauty and one day I worked up the courage to ask her why. She said, "Because beautiful is not the only thing you can ever be,it is dangerous and I don't want you to misuse it".

I have close friends who tuck this,nip this,get this,inject this..all in a bid to look beautiful. I have witnessed girls do all sorts of things for a few dollars to fund their "Beautiful lifestyle" and get ahead.

The power of beautiful is the bittersweet pill our society takes right after breakfast everyday and we must swallow it. It is what it is.

PHOTO CREDITS: Hall Of The Black Dragon

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