July 29, 2014

Working Girl's Style Tips: WERK Work!

Believe it or not, every morning while getting ready for work my outfit is decided on what my day will entail.
As a fashion stylist, no two days are truly ever the same; from store visits, to fittings,to haute hunts to photoshoots, strategizing and coming up new concepts for shoots,blogging, creating content,writing and shuttling models and props around..this can get hectic and the motivation to dress well can easily be lost (as with many physically demanding jobs).

Being chic is always high on the list for me. Of course it helps to carry a pair of flats in your hand bag but nobody can deny that high heeled shoes look hella good around the office.
As women are always looking for the easiest way to mix comfort,style,trend and fashion into our everyday wardrobe especially when it comes to work.
After all, working women spend most of their time working..and in some instances, we are looking for something that is great for work yet  would still be good for a quick drink after work or an impromptu meeting after work.

An outfit that can easily shift from office chic to after work-work chic,lol.
Of course, how we dress for work or present ourselves is heavily influenced by what they of job or position we have at work and the daily demands of our work. However, I feel being well dressed at your job,to some extent, says alot about your own personal approach to your job.

Here are a few ideas on outfits to try for the above mentioned;

Werk it Glammy's!!

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