June 2, 2014

Glam Chic OOTD: Print Dress From Choies

I have been finding it rather difficult to do shopping in Taipei. 
As expected, their sizes on everything is quite smaller than what I am normally used to. So, everything I like I MUST try on to make sure it's the perfect fit.
I'm basically a size up on everything,from shoes to clothes.
A friend of mine recently introduced me to a rather affordable shopping website recently, so I thought I'd give it a try. I went on a got a skirt from them  and honestly I wasn't impressed with their finishes or quality of the fabric...it screamed CHEAP!
Anyway, I gave it another go and ordered several dresses from them.
And this print dress is one of them...it looked nothing like the one that was on the site but I liked it enough to snap a few pics of me in it, lol.
Styling this dress was not rocket science at all,it was straight forward.I paired the print dress with my pink blade pumps and a sassy (a clothing boutique in Taipei) green bag as the dress had hints off both colors on it. Simple yet glam chic!
The length is not my preferred style,in like on the knee or slightly below the knee.
It pays not to over think!

What are your thoughts?

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