April 7, 2014

Editor's Essential Weekly Picks

For practicalities sake, there are times when rules will have to be bent just a bit. It's an unspoken rule in the fashion world that high end brands have to be mixed and matched with high end brands or brand have to be mixed and matched with brands of a similar standard.
That's all good and well to those who can afford it...and in an ideal world.

Blogger's,some stylists and the rest of the rather "unwelcome" fashion parade have been defying these rules for a long time now(but, I say those that bend this rule regularly,usually shows how far up in the fashion industry they truly are).
This fantasy or rather fairytale of being able to mix a melissa shoe with a Dolce&Gabbanna dress is a plain nightmare.

But in the case of practicalities, let's say it does happen, one must be able to pull it off in such taste that one is truly reinvented, that even when you look at yourself; you feel brand new!

So this week, I'm craving for some relaxed,comfortable yet stylish look. I've got a new hair do is enough motivation to try a the "faux pas" mix and match.

So I will be going for;
Alice+Olivia wide leg pants.
the wide leg trend is taking off in Kuwait,well to those who love it and those who know what wide legs are.
They are available at www.alostoura.com

Of course another body suit!
I did say I would love to body suit all summer long. I just love the shape it instantly creates.
Definitely will lift your mood.

A little masculine feel with this Paul&Joe sleeveless vest.
This vest and any type of pants will add a masculine,strong feel to your look.
It is available at www.alostoura.com

It wouldn't be a complete outfit without going a bit mainstream on the floral,lol.
Yes, I am heavily crushing on Mary Katranzou x Gianvito Rossi collaboration.
They are "Not To be Missed" item this season.
Just a little bracelet from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
It will complete your look and put a hint of feminism into it.
It is available at www.alostoura.com

That's it from me this week!
I hope you have a stylish one, do follow me on instagram for freshly pressed fashion news

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