March 26, 2014

Style Craving: Alicia Key's Inner Heroine

We are convinced that Mrs Dean AKA Alicia Keys was wearing an invisible S on her chest while she was out dancing in the streets of L.A, late last night while she was shooting her new video from her newest collaboration It's On Again with Pharrell Williams.
(It will be featured on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack).

However, what really caught our stylist-editor's attention was her super heroine-fit flowing, green textured coat that fit her snugly around the waist and trailed around her heels like a robe. A glamorous style statement indeed!

Beneath the coat, Alicia was decked out in yet another elaborate costume, this one black with sheer details around the front.

We definitely would love to channel our own inner super heroine in this number!

What's your take?

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