March 30, 2014

Editor's Essential Picks

The beginning of the week often brings about new outfit changes or ideas for most working women, others worry about what style they will wear others are much more concerned with practicalities and where the fine line between being office appropriate and casual is drawn.
Personally, I love to experiment even though a classic look is always my go to. With the heat fast gaining pace,this week I picked several essentials that any woman must have in her closet for the duration of the summer.
Carven took a classic and put a chic modern spin to it with the pleats around the waist.
Creamy color is great because just like white and black,it can work with colors you wouldn't normally pair with others.
It's available at

Well,let's bring back the 60's and 70's in this waist hugging body suit from D&G!
This will accentuate your shape,giving a good break from the pleating around the skirt's waist.
Available at 
These work ready Alexander McQueen are probably great to keep aside for those last minute power meetings.
They are great to make an impression at the office and anywhere else they are worn.
The pale pink makes them a great match for the D&G floral body suit.
Available at .

Built for practicalities, stylish and fashionable! Something that could become and everyday fetish for me. It makes me feel all kinds of retro! This would work well with an A-line dress!
Available at 
Smell is the biggest essential for this week! No one should ever go out this chloe.
Great to keep in your bag at all times for a delicious spray on at any minute of the day.
Available at
Until next week, look like a glammy!

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