February 14, 2014

How To Dress Like An It Girl...When you are an "It Girl"

After the success of our first post of our editor sharing style yips on how to dress like an it girl, we encouraged her to dig into her style vault and share with us her personal experience of being an it girl and share with you her tips!
Experimenting is good, it may even allow you to stay ahead of your peers.
But becareful,do not make yourself uncomfortable while doing so.
Make it a point to be confident in your clothes...it helps.
1) As Fashion stylist by day and fashion blogger by night, it's important for me to present both at all times yet still not pushing the limit for the office. Usually, I go straight from photoshoots to events because of no time so I always carry an extra pair of black high heels in my bag or office for those moments.
2) I prefer style as opposed to fashion, so i go for stylish look, find a stylish balance in everything you wear.
3) It's also important to take care of your skin,especially your face. I apply the least make up to none during working hours and glam up my looks for fashion events at nights.
Being matchy match is often considered boring..but it still works out well.
4) Be unique; your personality is your greatest asset.
5) It helps to go bed having given a thought,like a run through in your mind, what you will wear the next day. It not only saves time in the morning but you have enough time to play with your closet in your sleep.
I usually plan out my weekly outfits between Saturday and Sunday. Of course there are always changes because I can be quite spontaneous.
6) Do not be afraid to spend on quality.

The more your experiment, the better you get at it.
Wear clothes for you, not for others.
Ok..maybe a little bit for others.
Once in a while, do something that is out of your fashion comfort zone.
So what if they are looking?
If your going to a themed event...do your best to stick to the theme.
can you guess what this theme was?
Never forget to dress appropriately.

Even on days when you are just going out to hang out with close friends somewhere far from the preying eyes of others, look your best.
you never know who will you see.
On every outfit you wear, let there always be something to be remembered.
A hat is a must have in your closet!
It comes in handy

Make sure that everything you wear suits YOU.
Do not copy paste.

Having other It girl friends help too!
Also, have designer friends who can either give you or loan you clothes for events to get them publicity.
At the end of the day...everybody wins in that situation!

Being an it girl isn't easy, and it sure does a number on your pockets. So be prepared to spend your money as well.
Trust your instincts, ask friends for advice if need be.

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