February 7, 2014

African Accessories: Contemporary African Jewellery

What crosses your mind when you think of African jewelry?
Beads,colorful,vibrant,artistic,handmade,craftsmanship,edge,stylish,trendy are just some of the words that run through our minds. For the 3rd edition of the Africa issue we will be taking a closer look at various types of contemporary African jewelry that will be a stylish edition to any fashionista's closet!

Our Editor's personal pick.
A statement piece that will be great for any outfit.

African Drums Necklace - Handforged Pendant Tribal Style Necklace

1 of a Kind! Gorgeous beads.....handmade Kiffa glass beads, African vulcanite in simply gorgeous greenish-yellow color, African coconut shell heishi, very old handmade brass ring beads from Ghana and handmade Tibetan "coral" beads encased in hand forged brass repousee beadcaps. 
Kitenge African Print Bangles from Zabba Designs. These hand-wrapped bangles are made with fabrics from Liberia. They feature traditional designs, as well as modern interpretations of traditional motifs. Many different colors and designs are available.They are great to mix and match, both large and small, modern and traditional.

These 3 pieces are a collection that pays tribute to the creative power of the African people and how the use and trade of beads has been so significant in Africa's history and culture. Designed in collaboration with Beauty Maswanganyi, master beader, the collection seeks to reflect the contribution of San bushmen with their ostrich shell beads, the African blacksmith who made cast bronze beads, the Mozambican precious natural resources with hand carved timber beads, West African communities who used cowrie shells as currency. Coral and amber, both rare and beautiful, and symbolizing status, investment and fertility are majestic additions in the creations. - 

Handmade By Racquel Dwomoh. Colorful double strand necklace using a blend of traditional african beads
Ode to the mere woman who fought against the cannon gun. Show your style and have some fun with these lovely earrings!

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