January 3, 2014

Top 5 Must try Beauty Salons In Kuwait

We all know how difficult it is to visit one salon that will cater to all your needs,especially in Kuwait! It almost never happens, we have experienced this ourselves. You will find one that is great at doing nails but they can't handle your hair well! Then you will find one that can thread your eyebrows etc but you don't like how they do your hair or nails or other services.

After taking out 2013 to find out who is who in the beauty game in Kuwait. After visiting (yes and spending lots of time,energy and money) a variety of salons, from posh to straight up shady, our editor narrowed it down to 5 Salons that will leave you satisfied all around,with good customer service and high standard treatments.

Here is the list (in no particular order);

Shadows Beauty Salon
Location: Jabriya, Block 1A, Street 1
Building 193 - "The 4th Ring", Tower B
Floors 1 & 2
The building is on the 4th Ring Road and is adjacent to The Champion Health Club.
Tel: 50220056  

They have the best mani&pedi service,along with excellent hair removal and hair treatment. They also have a lady who does superb eyebrow shaping, her name is Saloomi. They offer a variety of services as well. Plus the interiors are refreshing.They have been serving Kuwait for 32 years, so they know what they are about!

KYU care center in Salmiya & Jahra
Location: Salmiya, Hamad Al Mubarak Street,Building 18,Floor 2
Jahra- Wara Complex street
Tel: 24582663/4

Another great place for a great mani&pedi. Their make up is one of the best so far (a lot of makeup artists in Kuwait often face problems when working on a darker skinned individual, their make up artist pulled it off effortlessly).  They also offer an amazing service for diabetic women, so they get a thumbs up from us!

Rola's Beauty Lounge 
Location: Symphony Mall,2nd Floor,Salmiya,Salem Al Mubarak Street

This is where you will want to go for your body contouring, hair cut and several treatments. The only problem I faced before from Rola's beauty lounge was that they had no acrylic nail service,which was a bummer because once you go in there,chances are you will want to get everything done there,it's more convenient, BUT the time last Zee paid them a visit them they had hired a lady especially for acrylic nails. For the best hair cut at Rola's ask for Paula, honestly that girl has God's gift in her hands!

ASAP Beauty Salon

Location: Omniya Centre (M2), Salem Al Mubarak Street,Salmiya.
They are better known for their hair and nail services. To be honest, they do a great paint job as the other salons listed here. Great for styling hair!

Solitaire Beauty Salon
Location: Jabriya,opposite the McDonalds (directly across the road),next to the new T.G.I Friday's
Tel: 2531-8953
They are best for eyebrow shaping and hamamzet. if you do go, ask for Layla.

We know of plenty nail salons that can do an awesome nail job in our beloved Kuwait but this post is covering "BEAUTY SALONS". Which means that these above beauty salons don't focus on just nails then offer other services on the side, or just offer hair services and throw in nails in the mix.
They offer a wide variety of services and work hard at being consistent in their delivery.
Also, their price range may seem steep for other but it is worth it! You get what you pay for.

If there is any beauty salon you would like us to add to the list, let us know and we will visit it.

If you have tried any of the above which is your favorite?

Which Beauty Salon is your favorite?
Shadows Beauty Salon
KYU Care Center
Rola's Beauty Lounge
ASAP Beauty Salon
Solitaire Beauty Salon

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  1. Just moved here and need a hair cut. Thanks!