January 5, 2014

Breakfast With Lulwa Al-Terkait of Je La La Jewellery

Our stylish editor caught up with one of Kuwait's leading ladies; Lulwa Al-Terkait,founder and owner of a local fine jewelry line Je La La, and had a chic chat over some very tasty treats at Vine Restaurant in Bneid Al Gar. 
Lulwa is a rock mom on the move, highly creative and very down to earth.
Her unique approach to design is definitely what sets her apart from many in her field and her future plans to help other younger fine jewellery designers in her country is what makes her journey special.

GCK: Where does the name Jelela originate from and what does it mean to you and to you customers?
Lulwa:the name originally was supposed to be Oh La La! Which is a french term that is used to complement a person, and specially used for women, yet I thought maybe I can play a bit with the name and make it a bit quirky with a symphony and rhythm to it, so I named it " Je La La!" As in "I am wonderful".

GCK: How long have you been designing jewellery?

Lulwa: I've been designing jewellery for the past 6 years, and what an interesting,  surprising journey it was.
GCK:What sets apart Je La La Jewellery from other similar businesses in Kuwait?
Lulwa:the main characteristic in Je La La! Is that we turn what's classic to Modern and Funky,  for example we did baguette ear cuffs, and Paisley ear cuffs, we did hamsa palm cuffs, and rose corals multi functioning head pieces. 

GCK: As a young woman, what have you learned that can help other young female entrepreneurs in Kuwait and the Gulf?
Lulwa:I learned that nothing is impossible,  and being a woman does not make you weak, it actually make you grow beautifully. On the other hand, if you have an original idea go for it! Start as quick and firm as you can, the world moves very fast! And other people might implement your idea before you can find you "right time".

GCK:Where do you see the future of your brand?
Lulwa:I see my future this way: 
my kids running an internationally in high demand Kuwaiti brand for Jewellery called Je La La! Authentic Jewellery. 

GCK:Can you share with us your top 3 style tips for the season?
Lulwa: my top 3 jewellery style tips are:
- own a solitaire piece to decorate your ears, neck or fingers daily.
-the pearl necklace is what every lady should own.
- never go out without a watch!

To see more of Lulwa's work visit http://www.jelala.com/ 

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