December 31, 2013

Top 5-Star Hotels To Stay In Around Salmiya

As we are rounding off the year,we sat down and went through a list of chic and glam places to stay in Salmiya. A lot of our out of Kuwait readers who are coming to visit requested this.
Of course, you must stay at a 5 star hotel (you are glamorous and you deserve it) for a great hospitality experience and a taste of several gourmet styles in Kuwait.
These following Hotels are widely known for their luxury,comfort and great food.
Our classy and chic Editor has stayed or visited all these below mentioned hotels and has experienced them first hand either through her stays there or her family.

Here is the list ;

The Regency Hotel remains one of Kuwait's leading hotels. 
Known for its opulence and high standards it remains the go to 5 Star hotel in Salmiya. It offers a variety of service which allows for even those who do not stay at the hotel to enjoy it.
They have recently introduced several gourmet restaurants to ensure that you truly get the best out of your stay with them.
They are quite the innovative lot these ones.
Tel:+965 2576 6666
Although newly opened, the Jumeirah Messilah has certainly lived up to very high expectations. The entire hotel is a story within itself, the feeling of prestige engulfs you as you drive up to the hotel and you know you have arrived at elegance's door when you walk in.
Their service equals their prestigious nature.
Tel: +965 2226 9600

  • The Radisson Blu
This hotel is popular among what I would call the great golden oldies of Kuwait,who by the way come with a packed punch of style power! 
It has been renewly renovated and after waiting for almost 3 years,I can't wait to see if the new look fits what lays between the lines! They hosted a great grand reopening party attended by the who's who of K-Town so that was clear indication that they are back in business!
Tel:+965 2567 3000

  • Movenpick Albidda

Having stayed at this Movenpick a few times earlier in my arrival to Kuwait, I can definitely say they gave me a great first impression of Kuwait. The service is always excellent, not once have I ever experienced any form of misunderstanding with them or have been upset at something.
I also had a kuwaiti friend who made one of their chalet's his permanent home simply because of the calmness and the great service!
Tel: +965 2225 3100

  • Hotel Missoni
Hotel Missoni gets a mixed review from me. They are a good hotel,they have a great name perhaps that is why they are receiving a mixed review.
As much as they can offer convenience because of their location in Salmiya,as well as a great menu and cafe. Their customer service is greatly inconsistent. There are days when they are excellent,then there are days when they are just plain horrible...never in between. During this past Ramadan I witnessed a security guard,along with a young lady from their PR dept having a go at visitors at the hotel- in the hotel lobby in full view of everyone who was there!Seriously I was shocked.
I'm sure there is a better way to speak to customer.
I have had several friends stay there and always leave very unhappy or disappointed.
So approach cautiously on this one readers.
Tel: T: + 965 2577 0000 

What we considered most in this list besides the popularity of each hotel,cleanliness and catering services was the quality of the service. We believe excellent customer service is vital to ensure an enjoyable stay for all guests at hotels regardless of their race,religion,culture,gender or financial standing.However, everybody's experience may be different but these hotels are the ones you definitely want to try out while you are in Kuwait.

Plus, with these hotels; you loubys,jimmy choo's and Givenchy handbags will have a plush home to rest as well!

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