December 25, 2013

The Outfit For AFTER Lunch on Christmas

Merry Christmas Everybody!
Don't forget to look your best you do everyday.
The tradition of Chritmas may seem global but to others it differs slightly.
For example, how the Bristish approach Christmas (I'm talking British Royalty) is very different from Swazi Royalty, just like how the Americans approach Christmas is slightly different to the many African households! Having grown in an African house hold and having being a Swazi who grew up in a former British colony with heavy British influences plus a hint of american culture...I sure approach Christmas as I see it for myself and my family.
Christmas is about family.

Traditionally, you may change outfits several times on Christmas day (Brit influences), there is one for breakfast,one for church,one for lunch then one for tea and a final one for Dinner!
But in this day in age most folks just go on 2 outfits for the day and even one that may be fitting to all your activities.
In my family we have always gone with two outfits. An outfit for Church which you usually have lunch in, then an outfit for after lunch because it just may go down,lol.

So here is my Style crush outfit for AFTER lunch on Christmas day;
The bootie

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