December 24, 2013

Beauty: KYU Care Center- Salmiya

Somewhere in the heart of Salmiya on Hamad AlMubarak Street lays a tranquil beauty spa.Surrounded by other beauty salons it's easy to say that KYU Care Center,which has another older branch in Jahra, is just another beauty salon.

At least that is what you will think until you go inside!
Yes they offer the same services as you may find at other high end beauty spa's but from my experience with them their customer service is definitely what sets them apart from their counterparts.
I've visited several high end beauty Spa's in Kuwait, and they all have the same problem.
Delivering excellent customer care. Don't get me wrong, they will give you the best service when the person you know from there or the owner is around but go on a regular day on your own and see what happens,it's like you are there for a freebie! Some receptions look like you are bothering them.

 While at KYU care center I got to experience their make up and hair services;

After hair and makeup
It's a cozy and quite place with great hospitality, I recommend you call and make an appointment before you visit them.

Kyu care center is located in Hamad Al Mubarak street,building 18,2nd floor.
Tel: 25720774

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  1. I went there today, but I was really disappointed at the hair cut I got.
    To start, the lady did not even washed my hair right. She just put some water on it and used something on the tips of my hair. She did not even touch my scalp. When I was sitting on the chair to have my hair cut, she was using tissues to dry my hair (that was the most weird thing).
    I asked for layers and she cut the tips of my hair and got a little bit from the front top of my hair and cut it. I was too shy to say something because as you said they are really nice and welcoming, but it was a terrible hair cut. They gave me a voucher of 5kd for the next time, but I will never go back there again.
    I think the lady that cut my hair was not even a hair professional, but I am not sure of that I had was that they just put anybody to cut my hair.