November 14, 2013

Blogger's Menu Tasting: Zafran Winter Menu

 Zafran Restaurant, a contemporary Indian restaurant, will be launching its Winter menu very soon.
I had the privilege of being invited to try out some of the new items that will be added to the menu which have been carefully crafted by chef Gaurav Singh and his team at Zafran.

The tasty pomegranate musk drink, a best seller in Dubai.
My favorite appertizer was the double stuffed mushroom, the least being the aloo tikki (in pic).
The grills were a slam dunk!

The prawn curry was delicious, the texture was smooth and the taste was balanced.
Definitely my most favorite dish on the new menu.
The chicken tikka,best to have it with the assorted breads from the restuarant.
The chicken was tender even tough I personally didn't like the taste of the entire dish as I felt it was a little on the sour side,perhaps from all the tomatoes used I suspect.

I enjoyed the Dal, a dish suitable for vegetarians as well.
Absolutely in love with how the chicken briyani was served.

My first go at Ice cream made from Indian Milk, with pastachio' was a welcome closure to a great tasting!

Seeing as this was my first experience at Zafran, I would have to say I was very impressed with the taste of the food. I expected it to be very spicy but even the hottest dish was bearable, it just had a hint of spicy making sure that everyone gets to experience the goodness of the dish.

The service and presentation was exceptional, although the appetizer presentation is lacking in creativity, it's just a little bit too simple compared to how the other dishes are presented.
I like how most of the menu also takes into consideration vegetarians which is very very rare in restaurants in Kuwait.
I would give the new Winter menu plus the ambiance of the restaurant a Chic 9/10 

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