October 31, 2013

Review: Oliversan Restaurant

Oliversan Restaurant (contemporary Asian cuisine) new menu tasting.

Oliversan Seafood Tom Yum Soup.
I liked this dish, it has a hint of spicy in it but nothing unbearable.
The rice noddle salad with crispy spring roll.
The dressing was very delicious,more than I can say for the actual dish.

Crispy dragon prawn.
If you love the ones from PF Chang's you will love these too.
They are not as hot though;Which is perfect for someone like me who has a low tolerance for spicy food
Black tiger shrimp on wheat toast.
Tasted more like french toast to me,but yummy nonetheless.

Oliversan peking duck.
Crispy,cooked to perfection.
My favorite dish for the night.

Mongolian Beef Tenderloin.
It was very tender,just the way I like my mongolian beef.
However, this is a very standard asian dish and there is only so much you can do with it in a restaurant kitchen I suppose.
Don't get me wrong, it was good as I have had worse from places that need to visit Oliversan and see how it should be done.
Sweet And Sour Fresh Fruit Chicken
Not for me, way too sweet and tangy.
No balance in taste; after all it is sweet AND sour. Unless of course the aim was sweet AND fruity.
They should ditch this dish immediately.

Ultimate Kung Pao
I simply loved it.

Mochi Ice-cream.
They can do better.

Mini Do San.
Loved this version of the mini cronut with an ice-cream topping!
I would definitely go back to Oliversan, the atmosphere is definitely chic,although the food is not wow,its still a good 7/10.
Oliversan Restaurant is located at Burj Jasim,mezzanine floor.

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