October 9, 2013

Fashion Scoop: Scarlett Johansson IS The Sexiest Woman Alive

Scarlett Johansson is the sexiest woman alive, according to Esquiremagazine. The actress, who was able to snag the honor for a history making second time, provided a few obligatory sultry poses for the glossy. She’s a beauty, no doubt. (Daily Mail)

American Apparel is no stranger to controversy, in fact, they’re a company that seems to court it. In their latest eyebrow-raising stunt, they’ve unveiled a vagina print T-shirt. Oh, and if that didn’t rattle your cage enough, it’s not only a vagina, but one that’s masturbating AND menstruating. The tee, which features a screen print of Petra Collins’s drawing, is being marketed as “self-pleasing artwork”.Would you wear it? (Huffington Post)

Things got a bit out of hand for Cara Delevingne at Paris Fashion Week. After being spotted outside the Valentino Spring 2014 show, the model posed for a couple of flicks before sprinting away from fans and photogs. She does eventually stop to snap a few more pictures. But the scene is odd, and a bit unsettling nevertheless. Cara has previously mentioned her displeasure with heightened attention telling Industriemagazine, “ What I find hard [about Fashion Week] is having to deal with all the people and all the crap. It’s when the press and fans are following me most, and it’s when I work the hardest, so it’s kind of like, f*ck.”  The perils of fame! (Fashionista)

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