October 10, 2013

Fashion Find: Ishk- Haute Couture

Ishk is a cozy boutique in the heart of Salmiya offering the latest trends in Kuwaiti and International Fashion.

After having her garments and accessories sold in boutiques in India and USA, this was designer Ishwaita K. Merwah’s maiden venture in Kuwait in 2009. Her clothes epitomize style, quality and elegance.

In the luxurious setting at Ishk, you can find simple tunics to elaborate hand embroidered cocktail dresses, kaftans, fustans and saris. Ishk carries exclusively printed and embellished fabrics from around the globe. Skilled Craftsmen are at the workshop in Kuwait to customize designs for clients. Ishk also successfully premiered the designer’s line of girls dresses especially designed for Girgiaan and Eid 09 and has made a collection every year since for Girgiaan.

Each item is exclusively designed by Ishwaita for the Kuwait market. The embroideries and designs on each piece embody exquisite ethnic styles such as- Turkish, Rajasthani, Banarasi & Mughal; which are stylishly combined with popular Arabian and International cuts and styles. There are very few pieces crafted in each design so that patrons can enjoy the exclusivity.

For an in depth read about Ishk and her journey here is a link that is a must read;

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