October 30, 2013

Breakfast At Cavalli Cafe

Posh or fancy breakfast anyone?

Cavalli Cafe in Grand Avenues now has a few extra delicious additions to their yummy menu!
I was invited to try some of it this morning, and nothing beats a fashionable dining experience especially in the morning to get your stylish day in the right direction!

Here are the dishes I loved from their new menu;

Cavalli Pancakes
Served with Honey,Chocolate Sauce, and Berry Puree
Piatto Di frutta fresca
"Fresh fruit platter"
My favorite from Cavalli Cafe; the Uova Alla Benedittina
"Eggs Benedict"

The food was tasty, however their presentation could use some help,they brought out the same dish twice except the second time it didn't look like the first time they brought it out (these are mistakes I would expect at Johnny Rockets not Cavalli Cafe),their service was was below par for a place like Cavalli Cafe, in fact it was borderline rude.
It was a gentle reminder that some people are just not meant to be in the customer service/pr business.

I found it highly unprofessional how one particular person (of whom i heard myself), telling the waiters to close the breakfast menu for everyone except 2 tables,of which were evidently her friends or should I say more important guests?
Welcome to Kuwait.


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  1. انا مره رحت لهم لقيت بريعصي عالستار وحطيت عليه إكس قلت دام بالمطعم بريعصي عيل داخل المطبخ شنو بشوف