October 31, 2013


Quality in clothing is definitely a must and many brands get underplayed just because we hardly hear or see them on big billboards or aren't as popular.
Take for example Bossini, which can be found at centerpoint. Contrary to what we may all believe, Bossini is a high quality brand! It is in fact the best quality brand that you may shop at centerpoint (In my humble opinion).

I fell in Bossini's Fall/Winter 2013 which is inspired by royal jewelry,embellished fantasy that shows the feminine ladies style. It's trendy,easy to wear and appropriate for our market here in Kuwait.

Th cuts are perfectly suited for the market here

This fall the trendiest must have items from Bossini which I liked include soft chiffon/raylon blouse with floral prints,colored jeans,plaid and floral shirts,animal print knit cardigans,velour cardigans and pants,to name but a few.

I always advise for you to invest in long lasting quality clothing as opposed to buying clothes that may wear out in a few weeks!
The local bossini store is located at Khaldiya Co-op,mezzanine floor.

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