October 3, 2013

Beauty Bar Product Review: NEW NIVEA

Last week I posted about Nivea having launched a new design packaging on their product line.
I tried the lotion,especially the one labelled for "dry skin" because as many of you may know, I have suffered fro this for a while now.

I had been using another regular over the counter product for my body but never tried this one.
As you all saw on the previous post,the packaging was new,authentic and looked quiet fancy if I may say.
The big test was whether or not it will do what it has promised. We have all fallen victim to commercialized branding making promises left,right and center. But for me this time,ith this product its a positive ending!

Without sounding like an ad, the new Nivea for dry skin worked well on me, it's leaving my skin feeling hydrated and well oiled through out the duration of the day. Which for me is a little piece of heaven! I can feel the difference in just within one week!

I recommend the one I tried to other ladies (and gents) having issues with dry skin,you will not be disappointed!

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