September 3, 2013

Victoria's Secret Lookbook Fall 2013-WARNING: BANAT O BAS

Hey girls, just a quick post on a few interesting things to shop at Victoria's Secret - New Lingerie/Accessories;

Let's start with the accessories, personally I use VS bags (small ones) for my make up (make up bag), I find them spacious enough,the quality is good, they are easy to clean and fit into my beloved oversized handbags.
I have had friend's who have tried their hand bags and they have said that the durability is pretty good and it's perfect for college on a day to day basis.

Their new lingerie;
Hmmm, a little day to day sexiness has never hurt nobody. Plus, I always say it's important to look good starting from your underwear: nothing will give you a better ego boost trust me!Plus their bra's a very comfortable,I have been a huge fan of their's in the US and their Kuwait branch's have not disappointed me in this regard.

So what do you think? To shop or not to shop?

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