September 15, 2013

TFW Kuwait by AbbydFitness

Yesterday I had my first class with TFW Kuwait with trainer AbbydFitness!
It was NOT as easy or as simple as I thought it would be, thinking about it now "no pain,no gain"!
I was a wreck; I struggled a bit on the rotations and I was praying for the given 30 seconds to be up with each station,lool! But I am on a fitness quest and health one too so I am thankful I attended go.

Here are a few snaps from our ladies class;

My work out buddy and I

If you are interested, they have 3 classes per week (Saturday,Sunday,Monday) and for 10 sessions you will pay 40KD (trust me it's worth it).
Its located in Khaldiya, Block 2, womens cultural center.

A special thanks to Samia Sa'adeh for the great photography!

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