September 26, 2013

NIVEA launches a new, pure and authentic packaging design

The NIVEA tin is round, blue and iconic. People around the world associate it with trust, closeness and expertise. Introduced in 1925, the NIVEA tin is the brand’s face and an essential aspect of the NIVEA brand and Beiersdorf corporation’s 100-year success story. Now a distinctive new packaging design for the entire NIVEA product family has been created on the basis of this iconic object. Commencing in Q4 of 2013, all of the NIVEA skin and body care product lines will be converted to the new design. Consumers can look forward to seeing the new packaging design on body care products from September 2013 onwards.

The new NIVEA tin’s pure geometry makes it timeless and versatile. It ideally expresses the NIVEA brand values which has always been the perfect source of inspiration for our new design.

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