September 1, 2013

Review: Ladies Lounge At Regency Hotel-Kuwait

I had the pleasure of spending a wonderful,relaxing day in the Ladies Lounge at the prestigious Regency Hotel in Al Bid'a area. The Regency is one of the luxurious hotels that can be found in Kuwait and offers a variety of facilities and services which I'm sure you can find at few other hotels in Kuwait as well. It is known mostly for its glamorous ballroom and high prices- which are totally worth it!

One thing I bet you will not find at any other reputable hotel in Kuwait is the "ladies lounge", and part of Regency Hotel that is specifically designed for women only to use.
It was my first time to hear about this lounge so I was eager to see if it will live up to the name!

Here are some snaps from the ladies lounge swimming area;

And it did, not a single male in sight and the area is away and closed off from the view of other guests,it has access to the beach, it has a swimming pool and the service from the waitress is very efficient.

It was amazing to see women completely relaxed and free to walk about in their bikini's, hair down, chatting and enjoying the day with their friends or family. And I would encourage women who want to go and pamper themselves with a day of relaxation and girl talk to try it as well.

The Regency will also be opening "Regency Gourmet"which will serve cakes,sweets,pastries and a wide range of additional delicacies! Can't wait to try it!

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