September 19, 2013

Fashion Scoop: Gucci Murderer Could Go Free

People Style Watch Magazine has cosigned on what we’d predicted at the end of last yearKerry Washington is one of the best dressed women in Hollywood! In fact, People Style Watch has crowned her the best dressed woman of 2013, thanks to her impeccable (impeccable!) red carpet style.  “For me the goal is to feel comfortable, event-appropriate and to be an elevated, more special version of myself or to feel like the best version of myself in that context and just be in the moment,” Washington said of her renowned style/flawless taste. Congrats to Kerry! (People Style Watch)

Patrizia Reggiani, ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci, and conspirator behind his murder, might be walking semi-free amongst us in the near future. Reggiani, who was sentenced to 26 years for organizing the killing of Gucci, is up for parole after 16 years in prison. Reggiani’s lawyers requested a shortened sentence so that she might be able to work as a consultant for Bozart, an Italian accessories company.  I think they should just let her sit in prison, people who have done far less are serving worse sentences (WWD)

According to E! sources, Ms. Knowles-Carter and her entourage are shacked up at the house of Georgina Brandolini, grandmother of Bianca Brandolini, in Trancoso, Bahia. Her 10-day stay is setting her back $65,000, and apparently she’s spending her down time mingling with the locals. Sweet! (E!)

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