August 13, 2013

NOT A FASHION POST: $38 To Live On Mars!!!!!!

Can you imagine my disbelief when a friend of mine told me that he had applied to go and live in mars for 10 years!!I could not phantom why ANYBODY would take such a risk. There has to be a catch around the corner on this one.
I mean seriously, we've all seen the movies with people going into space and coming back having caught something we on earth don't want to catch, lol. Yes, I know it's just movies but whatever is in the human imagination is very possible.
It was also reported in yesterday's Al-Rai newspaper (last page), that so far 7 Arabs have registered for this project!

So I googled the name of the project that he has already applied for and jeepers creepers..there is was;

It's a one way astronaut project!! I'm all for adventure but this is taking it a little too far for me, sure I wouldn't mind vacating in Mars for a week but living there for 10 years!!
What about your family, achieving your goals, dining out, attending church, playing sports, going out for a drink or taking a swim??? Why deprive yourself?
I'd rather be miserable on earth but if you fancy yourself a new environment, why not try it right??
I'd gladly apply for some people to go,lol.

Good luck pal!!!I'll send you an email every 2 years,lol.

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